Primary school principal in Nanchang
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Job Description
Main Roles
The Academic Vice-Principal is working closely with the Administrative Principal, and responsible for the instructional leadership and Student Affairs.
The Academic Vice-Principal will engage in forward and strategic planning , for setting the vision and implementing the mission in collaboration with the Administrative Principal, and for leading staff towards realization of the school’s vision.
The Academic Vice-Principal will play a vital role in the success of the Admissions Office, working in tandem to achieve the desired relationships and community relation goals. The Academic Vice-Principal will actively participate in promoting and enhancing the school, and in developing strong working relationships with key members of the community.
More specifically, the Academic Vice-Principal will:
Build relationships and liaise effectively with others in the school team.
Engage in strategic and annual development planning, reporting to the SEB on progress in meeting school goals.
Ensure that curriculum and assessments are effectively developed following IB program guidelines; are appropriately implemented and assessed; and that an awareness of current developments and best-practice, nurturing students who are empowered learners, will be maintained.
Propose the school’s annual staffing plan, providing information to the SEB as requested when contract renewal for teachers and academic assistants is being considered; take responsibility for the selection and hiring, supervision and appraisal of teachers and teacher assistants; and ensure that a strong, decisive professional culture is established where appropriate collaboration, transparency and input is established, continuing professional development is promoted, and general accountability is expected.
Ensure that student safety, security, care and general well- being is uppermost in institutional and community awareness; and that expectations and guidelines are promulgated, implemented and monitored with clarity and understanding.
Establish open, constructive and regular communication with parents, engaging them appropriately as members of the school community.
Actively participate in marketing and public relations activities to promote the school in the local community and with government and local authority officials.
Develop admissions procedures and build relationships with potential families to enhance enrolment.
In collaboration with the SMT, prepare the annual budget and operate the school in an efficient, effective and fiscally appropriate manner.
In collaboration with the Administrative Principal, manage the physical facility with due regard to student safety and security.
Regularly brief the SEB on all matters of significance pertaining to the WES group.
Teach 15 periods (40 minutes each) of lessons a week.

In summary, the Academic Vice-Principal has a critical role in developing the ethos, earned reputation and respect for Nanchang International School as an institution. He / She will help engender this through the professional development of staff, the care and concern shown to staff and students, the engagement of the parents, and the promotion of the school in the community. The Academic Vice-Principal will aim to develop a school with other SMT members where all stakeholders have an appropriate sense of ownership of and pride in their contributions.

Qualification Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above; major in primary school education, education.
2. Have received IB training, Eligible for being an IB-PYP coordinator.
3. More than 2 years IBPYP Coordinator or Vice Principal work experience; more than 5 years work experience in the education field, and communication experience with IB officials.
4. Hold outstanding organizing and management skills, good at innovating, decision-making, planning, and implementing.
5. Native English speakers.

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