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Job Description
Foreign Teacher Job description
The teacher reports to the School Principal, Foreign Teacher Manager and Chinese Teacher Manager.

Working Time and Location
1.The teacher will work 40 hours per week. This 40 hours is comprised to 25 teaching hours and 15 hours of in-office flexible & professional time.
2.Each week, the teacher will work 5 days, and have 2 days off.
3.Teachers may have teaching duties in the center or off-site.

Main Responsibilities
1.Give lessons to the highest professional standards of English language teaching and according to the teaching schedule.
2.Actively, professionally, and frequently communicate with clients (parents of students, or adult students). All relevant information regarding the performance and progress of the student.
3.Substitute for absent colleagues, perhaps on short notice, when requested.
4.Be willing to teach all ages and levels - if the teachers skill at teaching a certain age/level is weak, then the teacher will work to improve it.
5.Cooperate with the Foreign Teacher Manager to prepare and lead scheduled enrichment activities for students.
6.Be responsible for students' welfare and timely progress.
7.Cooperate with the School Principal, Foreign Teacher Manager, and other office staff to ensure constructive communication and efficient operation of the School.
8.Allow observation of classes by new colleagues, for training purposes.
9.Cooperate with the marketing and multimedia teams in the creation of promotional materials. This may include occasional video/photo recordings of classes and teacher interviews.
10.Develop and use suitable supplementary classroom materials as necessary for effective teaching.
11.Administer, correct, and record student assessments, and complete timely progress reports.

Professional Time
1.Complete lesson plans for all classes prior to the start of class. Lesson plans will be monitored for completion and quality. This is a core requirement at BBIE-lesson plans must be completed even in excess of the required 18 hours of flexible & professional time.
2.Be on-site and ready to complete appropriate tasks as assigned by the School Principal, Foreign Teacher Manager or Chinese Teacher Manager.
3.Attend and participate in scheduled meetings, training, and/or workshops.
4.Complete long-term Study Plans when requested.
5.Assist in placement testing and interviewing of new students.

Professional Development
1.Regularly evaluate, and be proactive in improving, their own performance as a teaching professional.
2.Communicate regularly with management and colleagues in order to facilitate professional development. This includes allowing observation, accepting performance feedback, and striving to improve teaching performance.

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