Exam School Manager
Intelligent English Language SchoolHohhotUpdate time: April 13,2019
Job Description
City location - Xilinhot, XilinGol. (small flight from Hohhot)

Working for a part foreign managed / foreign owned business that is expanding, you will be in an environment away from the normal politics of many training schools. Working with, not for, a leader who given commitment and respect, will give more in return, knowing what's said, is what you get or expected to do. Set in a beautiful location away from big, busy and expensive places and minimal foreign influences, it's perfect for those wishing to have a quieter life and to save for their future.

Due to visa department restrictions, must be a native English countryman. Needing a background knowledge of public school exams, SATS, IELTS, TOEFL etc., to help drive new courses, marketing and designing new material around culture awareness courses, traveling abroad and so on. Introduce specialised courses built around the knowledge and experience of the individual recruited. Oversee the general day to day management of the department, alongside a local School manager.

Main duties: Overseeing and delivering courses and content, assisting in marketing and developing the school in a city with no mirrored competitor.
- Location: Xilinhot, XilinGol, Inner Mongolia and although many local exam schools exist here, this will be the only one with a foreign influence. Currently, local students sign up and fly the 45/60 minutes to either Hohhot or Beijing for specialist courses at a great expense, therefore we are filling a gap in the marketplace.
- Work schedule: Anticipated working hours evenings and weekends. 2 days off each week.
- Class size/structure: Middle / High school classes will be ran by local teachers - foreign teacher to show regular support as and when time allows. SATS, IELTS, TOEFL etc., will be structured over 60, 72, 80 hour courses, 4 to 10 per class. A less regular larger class will also be offered at a lower student price. Culture awareness courses can be arranged to suit the teacher.
- Package & benefits: Depending on knowledge and experience - Basic salary for working less than 11 months a year, but paid for 12 months:
14 - 18K plus excellent range of bonuses matching the courses, e.g. re-sign bonus, class average school grade scores, specific exam scores etc. Paid holiday period minimum 2 weeks every summer and winter, plus public holidays. Annual bonus paid half yearly, Work visa and free apartment (potentially shared, but looked at case by case)

As this will be a new department, running alongside an already well establish oral training school reaching 500 students, it will already carry a good feeder and hold a strong reputation. Listening to the older students parents, they crave for our school to continue helping their kids, so this is why we are now opening a new line.

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