English Teacher
Zhengzhou Economic Development Area Smart Training School Limited CompanyZhengzhouUpdate time: June 1
Job Description
1、Love education and children, enjoy teaching. can keep long-term teaching stability (students range :2-12years old )热爱教育,喜欢孩子,享受教学,喜爱孩子能够长期稳定上课,学生年龄段2-12岁;
2、The ability to work under high pressure,good commuication and inter-personal skills; 抗压能力较强,良好的沟通与他人协作能力;
3、Lively, passionate, friendly and can mobilize the enthusiasm of students, making learning fun ;性格活泼,有激情,富有亲和力,能够调动学员积极性,寓教于乐;
4、Bachelor degree or above. We will give preference to those with preschool experience or teaching experience; 大学本科以上学历有学前教育或教学经验者优先;
5、Bachelor or above, major is English or related to English, Native English speaker first, American, British, Canadian and Australian nationality are preferred 本科学历及以上,英语专业以及英语相关专业,母语为英语,国籍为美国,英国,加拿大,澳大利亚优先考虑;
6、Having a professional image and good service awareness拥有良好专业形象和服务意识 ;
7、Having teaching experience for 1-3 years;教学经验1-3年;
8、Being able to speak simple Chinese and communicate会简单汉语,能够跟中教进行简单交流

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