Overseas Sales Manager
Danshida Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.ShenzhenUpdate time: June 24
Job Description
1. Build a team according to the department development plan;

2. Responsible for international logistics business development and expansion;

3. According to the company's performance objectives, formulate sales plans and sales strategies, lead and manage the sales team to achieve the sales objectives;

4. Supervise the teaching of new employees in the Department, arrange regular interviews, understand the work of new employees and give correct guidance;

5. According to business needs and market changes, use the company's internal training tool platform to carry out daily training management for department employees, give business guidance and improve the comprehensive quality of department employees;

6. Coordinate various internal and external resources, solve the problems in the process of sales business development, guide sales to find customer needs, improve business development enthusiasm and achieve sales objectives;

7. Complete other work as required by the general manager

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree, unlimited major, overseas study experience is preferred;

2. CET-6 or above, can be used as a working and daily communication language;

3. More than 5 years of international logistics sales and team leading experience, strong dedication and leadership;

4. Rich B2B and cross-border customer resources;

5. Have keen market insight, analytical ability and problem-solving ability;

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