International Sales
Danshida Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.ShenzhenUpdate time: June 24
Job Description
Job responsibilities:

1. Develop overseas shipping and air transportation business, focusing on shipping business, regularly track and understand the transportation situation of goods, and feed back accurate information to customers.

2. Collect relevant customer information, establish a rich and perfect customer database, complete work indicators, actively understand industry information and market dynamics, and skillfully use professional knowledge and company resources to provide services to customers

3. For the customer resources provided by the company, develop customers through e-mail, telephone, we media, forums, social software and other platforms, or find overseas agent resources, and develop domestic trading companies, import and export factories and other customers.

4. Follow up and maintain customer relations, accurately grasp customer logistics needs and specify logistics plans.

Job requirements:
1. Not limited to major, bachelor degree or above, aged 20-30, study abroad or customer resources are preferred
2. 1-3 years experience in international logistics and freight forwarding related industries, like sales industry
3. CET-4 and CET-6, good English communication, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in using office software
4. Have good professional ethics, high corporate identity, strong cohesion and teamwork ability
5. This position accepts fresh graduates majoring in logistics, English, national business, international trade and other related majors

fringe benefits:
1. Working hours: 9:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday (2-hour lunch break and weekend weekend);
2. Social security: five insurances and one fund (first level of social security):
3. Leave: enjoy annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc. according to law;
4. Company training: new employees shall be provided with professional and systematic training, and employees who have joined the industry shall regularly organize corresponding phased training (such as vocational skills, working methods, career planning, etc.) and improve the promotion mechanism;
5. Birthday wishes: the company sends birthday wishes and exquisite gifts to each employee or holds a birthday party in the company to express wishes;
6. Afternoon tea: afternoon tea is provided irregularly, and freshly ground coffee is supplied every day. The company has a refrigerator and microwave oven for employees
7. Working atmosphere: the team focuses on the post-90s generation, emphasizes the corporate culture of equality, respect, mutual trust and win-win, and has a good working atmosphere;
8. Others: regularly organize tourism and group construction, and distribute large and small holiday gifts and gifts;
9. Salary system: salary promotion adjustment 1-2 times a year according to performance;
10. Year end bonus: according to the annual operating profit, the employee will be given a mid year bonus + year-end bonus;
11. Office environment: a comfortable high-grade 5A class a automatic office building, surrounded by Tianhong shopping mall and downstairs business circle, which can meet the needs of work, shopping and diet at the same time;
12. Location: entrance / exit C of Henggang Metro Line 3 - block a of Rongde International Building

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