Kindergarten Teacher
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Job Description
Job Description:
1.Strictly implement the kindergarten daily schedule and the position’s detailed rules and
regulations, follow the law of children’s physical and mental development to achieve the
perfect combination of child care and teaching;
2.According to the kindergarten curriculum projects, complete different teaching materials
on time and prepare for classes in advance (teaching plan, teaching aids, teaching focus and
difficulty, etc.) to ensure the effective implementation of the lesson plan;
3.Be able to organize and use various methods and means to carry out teaching activities
independently; ( Observe and assess children’s progress and behavior to ensure the
programs meet individual and group needs)
4. Have an open mind to professional growth, taking initiative to undertake tasks that will
help the school. 5. Teach about environmental protection according to the kindergarten’s requirements;
6. Maintain daily communication with parents; (Practice respectful communication with
children, parents, colleagues, assistant,mangers and Intern)
7. Organize and manage the class’ activities;
8. Focus on the combination of child care and teaching to cultivate children’s habits of good
living, learning and behavior in kindergarten and in life(Support, comfort and encourage
children who are experiencing difficulties and help them to understand and handle their
9. Participate in all the kindergarten’s activities

Job Requirements:
1. Two years teaching experience, preferably as a kindergarten teacher;
2. Bachelor degree or above;
3. TESOL or TEFL certification;
4. Enthusiastic, flexible, loves children, has an open mindset and willing to support
5. Willing to cooperate and communicate with co-teachers and Chinese staff;
6. Loves to smile and laugh.

Work schedule: Monday to Friday
Class size: less than 22 students
Student age:2-6
Contract:12 months
Salary :after tax 27-31k(Depends on certificate & teaching experience)

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