Middle and High School Homeroom Teacher
Talent EndorseBeijingUpdate time: November 20,2023
Job Description
Middle and High School Homeroom Teacher
Location: Beijing
Start time: Feb, 2024

To be eligible for a profile's consideration and interview:
1. Candidates must be preferentially from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.
2. Knowledge of American & Cambridge curricula, and Degree in related major is necessary
3. Teaching experience in certain subject is necessary
4. 120 hours of TEFL/TESOL training
5. QTS/PGCE/US teaching license credentials & major in education (preferable)
6. The applicant should have significant teaching experience in the topics and position applied for.
7. BA or MA in education, ESL/linguistics, English literature, Science, STEM, Math, Biology, Physics or Chemistry with 4 years of teaching experience

A. Monday through Friday unless the Chinese government mandates working on Saturdays or Sundays,
B. Working hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM & Up to 20 students may be in a class.
C. Up to 25 teaching periods every week and 45 minutes each class.
D. A one-hour lunch break and a free meal on campus, a monthly breakfast allowance and gifts from the school.

1. Full-time employment with a one-year agreement (renewable).
2. The candidate will directly sign his contract with the institution and will get support with work visas and residency permits.
3. The candidates must have a valid work visa, be in China and present the letters of release and cancellation as well as the work permit card at the time of starting at Li Mai School.
4. After the first year of the contract, a performance bonus up to 12,000RMB before-tax in July is proposed.
5. Extra compensation for : a) excellent attendance, b) for PGCE/SACE/QTS/US teaching license, and c) for MASTER/PhD degree.
6. National holidays paid: 3-4 days in September for Mid-Autumn festival, 1 week in October for Chinese national holidays, 1 month in January for Chinese New Year/Winter break, 1 week for May Labor celebration, 3-5 days for the Dragon Boat Festival in June, and 7 weeks for summer vacation July. Back to school will occur on the 1st of September

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