Overseas Sales Key Account Manager
Tianzheng ElectricShanghaiUpdate time: July 21
Job Description
1. Development of agents and valuable customers in overseas low-voltage electrical market;

2. Complete the company's annual sales plan and tasks; Formulate, participate in or assist the upper level in the implementation of relevant policies and systems;

3. Feedback customer needs, collect market information and actively promote the company and products; Develop new sales direction;

4. Independently handle and solve the business in charge, including business negotiation, visiting and receiving customers, recording and analysis of relevant business;

5. Cultivate agents and assist customers in brand marketing.

2.完成公司年度销售计划和任务; 制定、参与或协助上层执行相关的政策和制度;
4.独立处理和解决所负责的业务,包括商务洽谈,拜访和接待客户, 相关业务的记录与分析等事宜;

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