Inclusion Factory General Manager
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Job Description
Primary Responsibilities:

1. Lead the company’s social mission and entrepreneurship vision

2. Business Development: develop strategies for sustainable and profitable growth of the organization

3. Stakeholders’ management; Shareholders, Government, Customers, Donors and supporters.

4. Full P&L responsibility; driving revenue and managing all company expenses: sales, marketing and production operation.

5. Formulate policies and assure compliance of the organization with local laws and regulations

6. Control staff recruitments and dismissal

7. Coordinate business operations, monitor and motivate staff

Strategic Tasks:

1. Develop strategic planning for the company by studying opportunities in both the social and the service sectors. Presenting assumptions, recommending objectives and design policies & tactics to achieve company’s future goals

2. Review, update and implement the business strategic plan for the Consulting segment of the company [Inclusion Advisory] and the Manufacturing Segment [Inclusion Factory] in the respective aspects of sales, financial performance and new product development

3. Increase management's effectiveness by recruiting, monitoring, coaching and counseling the company’s staff.

4. Generate reports and conduct Business Reviews presentations for Inclusion Factory Board of Directors.

Finance & Investment:

1. Review and approve accounting analysis for budgetary planning and implementation

2. Analyze accounting and financial data

3. Plan and allocate resources for new projects

4. Supervise all purchasing processes

5. Financial reporting to the Inclusion Factory Board of Directors

6. Assure financial compliance with investors obligations (DEG and THIDZ)


1. Workforce planning in according to company’s growth needs and investors’ expectations [namely DEG Germany].

2. Periodical evaluation of staff performance

3. Plan and provide development opportunities to management and staff.


1. Overview marketing & promotion content and implement marketing strategy to reach different class of customers and potential supporters

2. Customer Service and Customer Relationship


1. Oversee the operational performance of the company via KPI management

2. Lead the company’s Continuous Improvement mindset

3. Lead the Research and Development into the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies on our Production lines.

Additional tasks:

1. Oversee Quality Management System implementation (ISO 9001:2015)

2. Oversee and responsibility over the company’s EHS Management

1. Proven experience in the fields of Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social

2. Master’s degree (preferably in Business Management)

3. At least 5 years of experience in Project Management (Strategic Thinking, decision
making, Problem Solving & Analysis, financial planning etc.,.);

4. Experience in financial management

5. Excellent communication skills

6. Strong work ethic

7. Good interpersonal skills

8. Creative and independent working style

9. Meticulous attention to details

10. Related experience in projects for the employment of people with disabilities is an

11. Awareness and attentiveness toward individuals with Disabilities - A must

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