Sales Personnel
Hongren Ningrui Technology Development Co.,LtdBeijingUpdate time: February 22
Job Description
Cooperate with business to visit sales agents, communicate with them about the company's products, cooperate with agents to meet customers, and provide technical support for products.
The qualifications are as follows:
1. Communication skills: Salespeople need to have good communication skills, be able to clearly express product features and customer needs and be able to build a good relationship with customers.
2. Teamwork: Salespeople need to have a sense of teamwork and be able to collaborate with colleagues to complete sales tasks together.
3. Sales skills: Salespeople need to master certain sales skills, such as customer analysis, product introduction, negotiation skills, etc., and be able to adopt different sales strategies according to different customer needs.
The salary package is as follows:
The salary range is 8,000-30,000 ¥ per month, after joining the company, you can enjoy five social insurances and one housing fund and have a rest on weekends.

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