Sales Manager [United States]
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Job Description
Job content: (5 days 8 hours work system)
1. Develop customers, follow up, identify and classify customer inquiries, and follow up maintenance;
2. Make quotation for customer inquiry products, follow up customer demand for products, conduct business negotiations;
3. Complete the order, follow up the product delivery, to ensure that the quality, quantity, delivery date, transportation mode according to customer requirements for delivery.
4. After customers receive the goods, timely solve customer problems, complaints and other problems. It is necessary to do a good job of after-sales service and relationship maintenance to customers in the form of mail and telephone regularly, and maintain long-term cooperative relations.
5.Local business trip to visit customers, participate in various exhibitions.

Job Prospects:
Sales Engineer → Senior Sales Engineer → Business Team Leader → Regional Manager → Sales Director

Salary System:
Base salary + Commission + Performance Bonus + Project Bonus + Year-end Bonus

Tenure Requirements:
Accepting national offices worldwide.
Countries recruited include: the United States, Japan, the UK, Canada, Germany, the USA, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia.
(Required to work locally and have long-term development plans)

1. Enjoy national statutory holidays and festival benefits;
2. Formal employees will be entitled to seniority award, paid annual leave (up to 10 days), paid maternity leave;
3.The company organizes trips every year and holds other activities from time to time;
4. Regularly invite industry elites, training and learning, and hold business sharing sessions;
5. Company regularly participate in overseas electronic exhibitions every year (the United States, Germany, Vietnam, Brazil);
6. Comprehensive paid training, entry-level product training + business methods & thinking training, organized in stages for the staff systematic training, the implementation of 1 to 1 personal guidance.
7. The probationary period is counted as commission, and two days off on weekends.

Tenure Skills:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major is not limited (electronic engineering or marketing major is preferred)
2.Good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in using English to communicate and negotiate with customers, IELTS 6.5 or above;
3.Good communication, coordination and implementation skills, quick and sharp response, strong sense of responsibility;
4.Positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life and work, practical work and love of life.
5.Strong learning ability and the spirit of continuous learning.
6.Aspire to engage in and love of foreign trade and e-commerce industry
7.Good team work spirit.

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