Technical Engineer
Shanghai AllyNav Technology Co., Ltd.ShanghaiUpdate time: June 28
Job Description
Job responsibilities

1. Technical support for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service of products;

2. Product demonstration, training and product problem feedback;

3. Product demonstration and product test before delivery;

4. Cooperate with the business personnel to carry out customer demand and use feedback, exchange and return visit;

5. Preparation of presentation report, technical proposal and other relevant technical documents.

Job requirements

1. College degree or above, major in computer, agricultural machinery, machinery, surveying and mapping, electrical, etc;

2. Strong learning ability and pressure resistance;

3. Master the relevant knowledge of measurement and measurement related data processing;

4. Able to travel around the country, with experience in satellite navigation equipment and C1 driver's license is preferred.

fringe benefits

1. Pay five insurances and one fund according to my salary standard in the month of entry;

2. Provide free accommodation (room allowance if you don't live), meal allowance, telephone allowance and travel allowance;

3. Qualified to apply for Shanghai Hukou through high-tech enterprises, high transformation, residence transfer, overseas students and other channels;

4. You can apply for high-end talent apartments and move in with your bags. The rent is far lower than the market price to solve the housing problem;

5. Regular internal and external training;

6. Colorful employee benefits: employee dinners, birthday gifts, holiday red envelopes, tourism activities, annual meetings, free physical examination, etc.

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