Restaurant manager
Hainan Dongrong Catering Co., LtdSanyaUpdate time: January 29
Job Description
1. Assisted the store manager in team building to build an excellent team; Keep the team absolutely positive energy, energetic and constantly striving for progress. Comply with company rules and regulations and lead by example.

2. Assisted the store manager in staff, business, skills training, regular staff assessment, staff promotion, performance assessment;

3. Assisted the store manager in floor operation and management, and completed the relevant operational objectives set by the company; Control cost control and ensure daily management.

4. Lead the team to ensure the quality of service and reception in each city, control the attendance of every day, ensure the smooth operation, maintain the stability of team members, understand the working ability and character of each employee, and reasonably arrange the posts under the subordinates.

5. Keep good communication with superiors, subordinates, customers and production department.

Do a good job, lead by example, with every day's network praise, put an end to bad reviews. Collect customers' dining comments, timely feedback to superior and production department, timely deal with and make adjustments.

7, care for employees, do a good job in floor personnel management, fair and just to every employee. Make reasonable suggestions for the promotion of employees.

8. Assist the store manager: 1. Safety management work, strictly prevent the emergence of safety risks. 2; Keep the environment clean and hygienic, create a dining atmosphere. 3; Execute open source and reduce expenditure, maintain fixed assets.

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