Administrative Service Manager
Phobos (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd.BeijingUpdate time: September 18,2019
Job Description
Operating duty:
  1、 负责项目前台接待、指引工作。
1. Responsible for reception and guidance .

2、 负责来访客户的参观介绍与报价
2. Responsible for introduction and quotation to visiting customers.

  3、 负责项目电话接转、收发传真、文档复印等工作。
3. Responsible for the project's telephone transfer, sending and receiving faxes and mails, document duplication and other work.

  4、 负责各类办公文档、商务文档、合同协议的录入、排版、打印。
4. Be responsible for the input, typesetting and printing of all kinds of office documents, business documents and contract agreements.

  5、 日常文书、资料整理及其他一般行政事务。
5. Daily documents, data collation and other general administrative affairs.

Skill requirements:
  1、 对办公室工作程序熟悉
1. Familiarity with office procedures

  2、 熟练使用Word、Excel等办公软件;
2. Skillful use of office software such as Word and Excel;

  3、 具有优秀的中英文书写能力、表达能力;
3. Excellent writing and expression skills in both English and Chinese.

  4、 具有良好的沟通能力、协调能力,及较强的保密意识;
4. Good communication and coordination skills, and a strong sense of confidentiality;

  5、 熟练使用各种办公自动化设备;
5. Skillful use of various office automation equipment;

  6、 具有良好的适应能力和服务意识,能在压力下工作。
6. Good adaptability and service consciousness, able to work under pressure.

7. Female, good image and temperament

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