English Teacher
Tianjin Hebei Tianmei Kindergarten Co.,Ltd.TianjinUpdate time: September 19,2019
Job Description
Foreign teachers must abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and work hard to promote the exchange of education and culture between China and other countries and to improve the level of foreign language teaching in our college. In the teaching work, we must accomplish:

1. To abide by the discipline and rules of the work of the college which the faculty and staff must abide by.

2. Comply with the school's working hours, strictly implement the teaching plan, and seriously organize teaching. If you need leave, you should ask for leave from the head of the teaching and research group within half a day, from the head of the Department within one day, and from the dean of the Department after more than one day's leave is approved by the dean of the department, you can leave the school only after the leave is approved by the dean of the college and the foreign affairs department.

3. Make a good teaching plan, study the textbooks carefully before class and prepare the lessons.

4. Carefully teach each lesson with a clear teaching purpose. Pay attention to teaching methods, mobilize students'learning enthusiasm, and pay attention to improving the practicability of foreign language teaching and developing students' intelligence on the premise of completing the scheduled teaching plan and tasks.

5, correcting students'homework in time and earnestly after class, giving timely feedback on corrections and errors, and guiding students' learning methods.

6. Care about and understand the information and research trends of the educational reform, actively participate in teaching and research activities, and often exchange and discuss teaching experience and experience with other foreign language teachers in schools, so as to continuously improve the level of teaching and research.

7. Care for the public-owned teaching property of the school. In principle, compensation should be borne for property losses caused by negligence of duty.


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