Front Desk Manager
Hua Quan VillageYingtanUpdate time: November 26,2021
Job Description
Hua Quan Village is an art and cultural village located in Jiangxi, China, a 3-hour train ride from Shanghai. It is right next to Longhu Mountain (Dragon Tiger Mountain), the birthplace of Taoism and one of China’s most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The village was created as a place for people of all walks of life to create their own personalized journey of creative exploration. Spanning across 41 acres (165,000 square meters), Hua Quan Village was created by legendary musician Liu Jiachang and philanthropist Susan Wang over the course of 11 years and is one of the largest art and cultural centers in Asia. The village houses and supports a large number of local artists.

Curated by the nation’s leading artists, musicians, and cultural experts, Hua Quan Village provides a rare opportunity to explore numerous galleries, over 100 outdoor murals created by famous artists from around the world, art museums, and cultural museums. Additionally, the village offers a collection of art, well-being, and cultural classes and experiences that cater to every individual’s needs and interests.

The village’s hotel is recruiting a front desk associate or manager or director for a rare opportunity to lead our current front desk staff and manage this function. As a key member of our team the focus will be on general hotel operations (check-in, booking, briefing, etc.) and overall guest experience and communication.

Applicants for this position need to have a hotel operations background. The candidate needs to be fluent in both Chinese and English. Additionally, applicants will need to be self-motivated, entrepreneurial, hard-working, and work well on teams. 2 references must be supplied.

- Ensure front desk is tidy and has all necessary stationery and material (e.g. pens, forms and informative leaflets)
- Help develop information briefing for the village and ensure all guests fully understand the amenities, activities, and offerings of the village
- Train, supervise and support office staff, including receptionists, security guards and call center agents
- Be familiar with and accurately grasp the guest reservation and room availability on the same day and the next 10 days, and make timely work deployment and reasonable arrangements.
- Strengthen contact with guests, deepen emotional communication with guests, master guest needs and improve service quality
- Regularly prepare monthly work report, service quality standard management report and safety production report, and make preparations for all relevant emergency plans of the Department
- Schedule shifts
- Ensure timely and accurate customer service
- Handle complaints and specific customers requests
- Troubleshoot emergencies
- Monitor stock and order office supplies
- Ensure proper mail distribution
- Keep updated records of office expenses and costs
- Ensure company’s policies and security requirements are met

- Min. 3-year hotel front desk or operations background
- Bilingual: English and Chinese
- Comfortable public speaking and presenting skills in front of large groups of people
- Must be committed and proactive about customer service and community relations, detail-oriented, a clear communicator, a strong leader, a team and culture builder, and a team player

- Competitive salary based on experience
- Lodging and food covered
- 1 month off with flights back home included to begin with if international candidate

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