Product Manager (Growth)
AirbnbBeijingUpdate time: March 4
Job Description

Airbnb is redefining the world's approach to accommodation and travel. We are creating highly local, personal and meaningful experiences for our host and guest community around the world. We develop products that create transformational experiences for guests millions of times each week.


  • Take a result oriented approach to driving guest growth strategy and roadmap across acquisition channels including virality, engagement, referral, organic, and paid channels.
  • Define what success looks like for the team, prioritize projects based on impact, and using data to validate success.
  • Foster a deep understanding of the China ecosystem and finding opportunities for Airbnb to scale and differentiate.
  • Build cross functional relationships and manage large scale cross functional, and intercontinental initiatives.
  • Mentor more junior members on the team.

Type of Person:

  • A leader, a critical thinker, a trend setter.
  • A citizen of the world who is proficient in English and Chinese.
  • Radical thinking paired with strong execution - can envision a world different than the status quo with the ability to articulate a clear path to get there.
  • Self-motivated, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Creative problem solver - able to identify real obstacles and viable solutions
  • Not hesitant to get hands dirty and do whatever is necessary to ensure success
  • Outcome oriented - not reactionary; they articulate the desired outcome and work collaboratively to create a path to achieve it
  • Highly technical, garnering respect from engineers
  • Humble - no jerks


  • Must have a great understanding and empathy for Airbnb customers; must be an Airbnb customer advocate
  • Rigorous - asks hard questions, validates assumptions, connects the dots
  • Passion for great design, you should know what works, what doesn't and why
  • Must have traveled as a guest on Airbnb; or a current host is a major plus


  • Experience with languages used for querying (e.g. Hive/Pig/SQL) is a plus
  • Former engineer, designer, or startup founder





  • 采用以结果为导向的方法制定促销活动和营销系统的产品规划并明确定义成功的目标
  • 与运营、设计、工程和数据团队紧密配合,高质量地完成各类促销运营活动,用数据验证成功
  • 优秀的跨部门合作能力,有能力整合C端和B端资源并聚拢不同的可能性实现目标
  • 对中国市场有深入的理解,同时会针对airbnb的特点寻找新的机会
  • 可以建立良好的跨组合作关系,可以推动跨功能组合作


  • 对Airbnb产品有深入的了解,有较强的产品设计能力和产品敏感度
  • 从用户角度出发思考问题;结果驱动,能够不局限现有框架和模式,找到更好的产品方案
  • 思维严密,可以提出问题、设置假设、证明假设
  • 自我驱动力强;有较强的解决问题的能力
  • 良好的中英文水平,较强的书面和口头表达能力
  • 有技术背景,有使用查询语言(例如Hive / Pig / SQL)的经验者优先

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