Regional Supervisor (Education Group)
Etonkids International KindergartenBeijingUpdate time: December 21,2020
Job Description
The English Department Regional Supervisor (RS) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all campuses within their assigned region. The RS typically serves as a member of Head Office management and the position is a management level position within the organization. The RS assists English Specialists and students toward successful program completion and participates in activities that promote the stature of the region and all campuses. The RS collaborates with colleagues to create, implement, and develop English Department initiatives. The RS abides by the mandates set by the English Department and Head Office. No classroom teaching hours will be required.

• Proactively assist and manage English Specialists and Chinese English Teachers in his/her designated region within the organization in the implementation of curriculum and special English Department projects; regularly observe, supervise, and evaluate English Specialists’ instruction and curricula and formally evaluate each specialist during their probation period; check and evaluate environments, materials, records, and reports of English Specialists as well as maintain a standard list of required materials as well as inventory for his/her campus and classrooms, including the English Corner and objects in each classroom; provide appropriate feedback, address issues/concerns, and identify follow-up tasks when conducting evaluations.
• Act as a coach and mentor to assist English Specialists and Chinese English Teachers in expanding their repertoire of instructional activities and provide advice on all curricula issues for successful implementation; provide orientation for new English Specialists within his/her region as well as ongoing field training to improve instruction and curricula delivery, modeling effective and appropriate teaching strategies when needed; identify developmental needs of English Specialists and Chinese English Teachers within his/her region and organize and conduct meetings and trainings, workshops, and professional development; offer support, guidance, and supervision to one of the English Department Coordinators to enhance productivity and efficiency.
• Photograph and submit good examples of English Specialist/Chinese English Teacher produced language materials, bulletin boards, etc. to the English Department website or relevant media platform; contribute to blogs; draft at least one magazine article (2000 – 3000 words) per semester for potential inclusion within an upcoming edition of KIDS magazine.
• Work together with the International Human Resources Department in providing administrative support to foreign teachers within his/her assigned region as well as assist in resolving disputes, when deemed necessary; assist in the recruitment process of English
• Specialists within his/her assigned region, serving on the Etonkids Hiring Committee and making recommendations for hiring, retaining, or releasing of English Specialists.
• Assist the Director of the English Department in implementing the organization’s academic strategy and promoting its activities to internal stakeholders; ensure all content created by the R&D Department is appropriate for use by young children within the Etonkids early childhood settings and provide ongoing feedback; chair Etonkids Curriculum Committee Meetings within his/her assigned region; alert the Director of the English Department of any relevant issues/concerns within the department or in regard to the curriculum.
• Lead/collaborate in the creation, development, and implementation of English Department initiatives; promote collaboration by attending English Department/Academic Conferences.
• Develop the role of the English Department within the organization, sharing good practice, setting standards, and operating processes where appropriate; attend and participate actively in regular organization meetings and trainings; maintain, update, and develop personal and professional knowledge and skills, using the KPI System.
• Develop formal presentation skills (either written or verbal) to highlight the Regional Supervisor’s role and the service that the English Department provides; be actively involved in the development of organization policies and procedures as well as their implementation and reinforcement of their use.
• Serve as liaison between English Specialists, other teaching staff, campus administrators, and Head Office, where necessary and appropriate.
• Fulfill additional duties and responsibilities that are in line with the employment contract as instructed by Etonkids management.
• Establish and maintain cogent working relationships with all English Department representatives, regional management teams, campus teaching teams, and the organization’s other departments.
• Promote the corporate image of the organization to all individuals, groups, and organizations both within the organization and to the community at large.
• Participate fully as a team member, sharing knowledge and information and supporting colleagues in the organization to promote a cohesive team and the achievement of campus/company objectives.

Qualifications, Skills, Experience, and Competencies
• Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education/ Educational Leadership (preferred).
• Minimum 3+ years in ELL early childhood education experience (preschool preferred).
• TEFL/TESOL/ELL Certification.
• 0-3 or 3-6 Montessori Certification (preferred).
• 2+ years academic management and leadership experience.
• Bilingual ability in both English and Chinese (preferred).
• Proven experience in the implementation of different ELL curricula.
• Proven experience in the field of preschool education.
• Proven experience leading a team of 2 to 6 people.
• Proven experience working in an international school (in China) preferred.
• Proven experience dealing with parents and with administrative duties.
• Market Focus: Knowledge of curriculum management and implementation and ability to keep up to date with the latest educational trends.
• Customer Orientation: Focused on parent and student satisfaction and relationship building with parents, family members, and external community stakeholders.
• Decision Making: Knowledge of applicable resources required for program/service development, implementation, and assessment including but not limited to budget development and fiscal management.
• Analysis: Ability to analyze data and information as well as identify patterns and trends and solve problems. Ability to formulate strategies for improved learning as a result of the above.
• Building and Leading Teams: Ability to provide academic, professional, and administrative leadership and direction at the upper level, and to evaluate the work of others and enable their development through consultation, coaching, and support.
• Teamwork: Ability to develop effective interpersonal working relationships with all levels of administrative and academic staff.
• Shaping Direction: Ability to effectively engage and motivate staff, and focus on their professional development.
• Adaptability: Able to adjust and set new directions in response to changes in the environment, and to communicate and work effectively within a diverse community with outstanding interpersonal and community relations skills.
• Self Management: Self-motivated and proactive approach with ability to work with minimal supervision, possessing discipline and regard for confidentiality and security at all times.
• Attention to Detail: Meticulous approach to self-work and work of others.

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