Sales Account Manager
Shenzhen Montreuil Supply Chain Co.,LtdShenzhenUpdate time: November 27,2021
Job Description
⒈Communicate and sell with key account customers, explore customer needs, and find potential customers to sell company products;
2. Exploring the market, formulating marketing plans, negotiating sales contracts, and providing business services to customers;
3. Do a good job in the collection, sorting, and archiving of major customer resources, so as to realize the development and utilization of major customer information resources;
4. Responsible for assisting the company's major customers in business promotion and business promotion, sorting out and beautifying the company's promotional materials (marketing department personnel cooperate in sorting out the materials)
5. On the premise of consolidating existing major customers, carry out in-depth development and diversified marketing work for existing major customers, enhance the level of existing major customers, increase user loyalty, and cultivate new major customers;
6. Focusing on the key and difficult points of the company's phased operation, participate in market surveys, competitor research, marketing planning, etc., and provide relevant market information and constructive opinions on market development for marketing decisions on a regular or irregular basis, and timely feedback on market development And marketing progress;
7. Handle customer complaints, inquiries, compensation and other related matters in a timely manner, and implement "one-stop" services;
8. Obey the coordination of management by superiors, and provide first-hand market information and service support to superiors in a timely manner;
9. Submit work report and schedule every week
10. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

company's product:
French wine and brandy products
Target customers:
Importers and major distributors of imported wine and spirits

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