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Job Description
Teaching public university students can enrich your teaching experience, touch the beautiful and unique coastal city with good air, earn a good salary as well as get close to young and energetic students. A professional like you is needed and don’t miss it!

Teaching Subject: History of Western Civilization OR Critical Thinking
Students: 1st & 2nd Year College Students
Location: A public university in Xiamen

History of Western Civilization --- This course is a general survey covering major political, social, economic, cultural, and religious changes in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean Basin and the European continent from the prehistoric period through the Cold War. Other great world cultures are discussed only as they directly relation to European problems. In spite of commercial contacts resulting in cultural borrowing, the great civilizations of this planet seem to have developed independently. Topics include: the first civilization, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Europe at war, modern Europe, Napoleonic era, World War II and Cold War.

Critical Thinking --- This course prepares students for college-level intellectual work by introducing them to the skills and methods used in critical thinking. To enable them to determine the premises of an argument and to discern the difference between valid and invalid arguments, students learn the principals of logic and persuasive techniques. They also develop the ability to recognize and respond to generalizations and the evidence for those generalizations. The goal is to help them recognize and then employ a variety of reasoned approaches in formulating their own arguments in the classroom and beyond.

Cross-Cultural Communication Courses --- The course is primarily concentrating on two aspects as reflected in the title: communication and culture. And communication and culture are based on a language as the fundamental building block, which brings together all other types of human interaction.This course introduces communication between people from different cultures.

The ideal candidate should be:
• Master's degree or above awarded by university in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
• Major in Literature, philosophy, history or other related fields
• 3 years' college/university teaching experience preferred
• TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate or equivalent preferred

Salary and benefits (full time)
1. Competitive Salary + Monthly Bonus
2. Travel allowance: 8,000 RMB
3. Housing available on Campus or Housing allowance of 2,000 RMB per month
4. Paid Winter holidays
5. 4 days paid sick leave + 11 days Chinese public holidays
6. Life (accident) and Medical insurance
7. Working Visa, Residence permits, Foreign expert permit
8. Contract completion bonus

How to apply:
Please email your CV, degree certificates and other related documents to us
(important: please include the Teaching Subjects you apply for in your email subject)

Thanks for your interest.

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